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Mikes 10 year gift.

The price of deception 

Is one extremely well kept secret !


One very happy and extremely appreciative Club Chairman !!  

As most of you will know my CAP plans for the weekend were for

A Friday night visit to the Pool Session

And then Saturday spent at The Nene  ……

Well they might have been my plans, but apparently they wern’t yours !

I started off doing my best to thwart your plans, when on Friday I came down with Flu

and therefore rather than heading for the pool by 8.00pm I was in bed and sound asleep.

I seriously thought about dropping out on Saturday, leaving it to others, but as the plans were quite complex

I decided that I would go to the Nene anyway, I could sleep all the way there, sleep all the way home, letting the boys drive both ways

and if necessary sleep all day in the car as well !  Oh for sleep !

We’ll we arrived and despite every aching part of my head, body and  limbs telling me to sleep I was tempted away from the slumberwagon

and into the trusty red mamba.

By the end of the day I was knackered, so the boys shoehorning me into the rear of the car where I could sleep all the way “home”,

Seemed a good idea at the time, save me being distracted by roads lights, signs pointing in the opposite direction to home etc.

I awoke just after we passed through what I thought was Carshalton, the car stopped, in a very sleepy haze I climbed out of the back seat

only to find a row of monster sailing barges immediately lining the roadside, this wasn’t Carshalton, on or off Thames ???

Then into my hazy dream appeared Stuart, Reiko, Derek and Caroline, but hold on they’d gone home long before us ….

And then there was, Pam and Chris and Rich suddenly appearing into my dream world  …… but they hadn’t even been at the Nene,

apparently they had another engagement, whatever that might have been ???  … 

……. And the rest you probably know …….

I was led into a lovely waterside pub for a delicious hot meal, although I fear I possibly slept through most of it (sorry) !

Then escorted onto a lovely 80ft sailing barge which was to be our home for the next 24 hours, including twelve hours of sailing next day.

I did manage  to down a couple of glasses of real ale that been specially spirited aboard and then I collapsed into my bed.

I enjoyed a good night’s sleep on board and on Sunday, still wasnt well but I did at least feel somewhat better and as a result really enjoyed

the twelve hours of sailing, a lovely boat, superb catering, some quite windy conditions which made it fun and of course the excellent CAP team !

THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH to all of you that were in any way involved. It was a complete and utter surprise, right to the last moment !

THANK YOU to of those involved with organising and paying for it and to all of you that knew what was happening but kept such a tight secret !

A particularly big thank you to Chris and Rich who I think were so instrumental in putting it all together and then weaving the web !

I really enjoy everything I do for the Club and my satisfaction is seeing it all going well, seeing you all happy and enjoying yourselves and at the

Same time developing your skills. I do it because I love it, and I love the Club but nevertheless I really do appreciate your kindness and generosity

in arranging such a superb show of your appreciation towards me.


Finally, I understand that Rob’s trailer was also unwell on Saturday but has now made a surprisingly speedy recovery.

Finally, finally, I do apologise for emailing you so early in the evening, not my usual style, but still suffering so now off to bed.

Finally, finally, finally,  as off to my bed, the finals re Central London will have to wait, hopefully tomorrow night !

Thanks all


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