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CAP’s afternoon private hire of  

      The Nene Whitewater Course ….

Take your first steps onto moving water on this ever so friendly man made Whitewater Course near Northampton.  

Two hours to play, enjoy and improve your skills !

CAP will have the course completely to ourselves for MOST of the two hour session.

Good Whitewater preparation prior to our Beginner’s trip to Dartmoor in October !

NOTE : This takes place on a SATURDAY (not the usual Sunday outing)

Event Date 08-09-2018 2:30 pm
Event End Date 08-09-2018 5:30 pm
Registered 17
Individual Price Price deends on numbers, circa £15 - £20 pp

Are you interested in a really leisurely, scenic, tranquil paddle through beautiful countryside with a chance to visit the remains of a canal-side 12th century castle ........

Then this is the trip for you ...... BANK HOLIDAY MONDAY 27th AUGUST 2018  

Only about a 75 minute drive from Croydon, along the M25 and M3, we'll be paddling from Winchfield Hurst in Hampshire, to Odiham Castle,                                      a distance of circa 4.5 - 5.0 miles, so nice and easy !

It's on the Basingstoke Canal but it’s a very beautiful stretch,  heading for the end of the navigable Canal so not much traffic, maybe the odd canal-boat, ducks and families of swans etc.

The canal winds through some beautiful Hampshire countryside, really green, lots of trees and colourful flowers. This part of the canal is fed from underground streams that emerge from the nearby Greywell Tunnel and as such the water in many parts is Crystal clear, you can easily see the bottom and all the water plants as you paddle along.                                 

 At the end of the trip we'll egress right beside the beautiful and well preserved remains of 12th century Odiham Castle. You can walk through the Castle's remains and there are boards telling you about some of the history.   It's then just a 5 minute drive to the beautiful  Mill House Inn, a Grade 2 listed Watermill with extensive gardens lining the banks of the swirling Mill Pond, a couple of drinks in the sun, what a way to finish a lovely day out in the countryside !






Event Date 27-08-2018 10:30 am
Event End Date 27-08-2018 5:00 pm
Registered 14
Individual Price Prices vary from £5 to £15

Drinking & Eating around the World …                 Why not join us at The White Bear, near New Addington, a lovely country Pub, outdoor lunch & drinks,            watch as The Red Arrows and other historic aircraft perform flypasts to nearby Biggin Hill’s                 “Festival of Flight…100yrs of the RAF”.

A lovely and different way to enjoy Sunday lunch and drinks in the Summer.

The aircraft, particularly the likes of The Red Arrows normally loop around the White Bear Pub but no guarantee of what aircraft you will see, this very much depends on display patterns, weather, wind and cloud levels ! 





Event Date 19-08-2018 12:00 pm
Event End Date 19-08-2018 5:00 pm
Registered 5
Individual Price No charge, just a sociable CAP get together

NEWCAP’s Inaugral Descent of the River Medway,                                           from Tonbridge to the Sea.

Camping along the way,                                                                                         finishing off visiting one of the wartime Estuary Forts.                                                   Join the expedition for a day, a few days or even take part in the entire expedition.

Please contact Sarah or Derek for further details

Event Date 06-08-2018 12:00 am
Event End Date 09-08-2018 12:00 am
Registered 5
Individual Price Prices to be confirmed

Summer Whitewater Paddling,

a small scale trip to North Wales, some intensive Whitewater Skills training on the       River Dee...

Imagine Whitewater paddling under a Smiling sun and with a nice warm River !

(maybe a trip on the Lower Tryweryn (if running).

Probably camping ,

Numbers will be very limited !

Please contact Sarah and Adrian, as well as registering online, if interested in taking part !

Event Date 26-07-2018 12:00 am
Event End Date 29-07-2018 12:00 am
Registered 9
Individual Price Prices to be confirmed

Cheese and Wine evening hosted by Jo and Lynne, in Crawley Down,

Join us for a lovely Summer’s evening get together,     Cheese, Wine and more Cheese and Wine !!!               Chill and enjoy a very sociable evening, lovely Cheeses, lovely Wines all hosted by the lovely Jo and Lynne !

You can rely on these girls to make it FUN !

Event Date 21-07-2018 7:00 pm
Event End Date 21-07-2018 11:00 pm
Registered 13
Individual Price No charge, but bring those bottles of Wine !

Kite Surfing & Kite Buggying Festival at Camber Sands 

Come Camp and fly ! 

Will Ward and others will be taking part in this five day Kite Surfing Festival on the superb expansive windy sandy beach at Camber Sands .

On Saturday 21st July Will would also welcome people down who want to try out for the Day (or indeed on other days by prior arrangement ! 

Please contact will Ward if interested !   



Event Date 18-07-2018 12:00 am
Event End Date 22-07-2018 12:00 am
Registered 1
Individual Price No charge for this exciting opportunity !

The River Wey ..Byfleet Mill to Shepperton,                  a usually swift moving downstream paddle, a lunch stop opposite Brooklands Aircraft Museum eat your picnic lunch whilst overlooking Concorde on the opposite Bank.

Towards the end there will hopefully be a chance to shoot a tiny Weir and then run a fast little stream with a couple of drops for some added excitement !

Event Date 15-07-2018 10:30 am
Event End Date 15-07-2018 5:00 pm
Registered 11
Individual Price Prices range from £5 to £15

CAP’s Beach Party .. join us as we play in the waves, Swimming, Kayaking, Kayak Surfing etc. or maybe just sunbathe and watch the action ?                      

A 2.00pm high tide should ensure that the waves keep rolling in, plenty of time for surfing and general wet fun !

Our favourite Beach spot on the extensive sandy Beaches of West Wittering in Sussex.

We'll bring a trailer load of boats and people can just swap around and enjoy the fun in the Sun !

Event Date 30-06-2018 11:00 am
Event End Date 30-06-2018 4:00 pm
Registered 6
Individual Price a flat £5 per day, it's a fun day !


Barbeque, bonfire, beer and camping at March Wood TN26 1ER  

   Hello fellow Cappers, Ian, Jenny, family and friends are going down to the woods Saturday 23rd June                                                  if the weather is good and cordially extend an invitation to all and sundry to celebrate the Summer Soltice                                          in true Pagan fashion, other fashions are also welcome

 The lake is big enough for swimming and boating, and you should be able find somewhere to pitch a tent in the 100 acres if you fancy staying over.

 Our friend Boris will be roasting a suckling pig, if he can first catch it. Otherwise we’ll bring a truckload of sausages, chops etc

Please bring your salad of choice and liquid refreshments

The bonfire will be as big as we can be bothered to make it, if it can’t be seen by satellite I figure I’ve failed

Please RSVP so we know how many cows to kill

Detailed map and weather forecast to follow closer to the day


Event Date 23-06-2018 12:00 am
Event End Date 24-06-2018 12:00 am
Registered 6
Individual Price Bring your own choice of salad and liquid refreshment !

We’ll start of beside Sonning Bridge in Berkshire, on one of the more picturesque sections of the River Thames.        We’ll paddle downstream, being carried along by the flow for about 1.5miles until we reach St Patrick’s Stream.  We’ll then branch off along St Patricks  stream, a narrow quite fast moving stream which twists and turns through the verdant green overhanging vegetation.  Eventually we’ll join the end of The River Loddon which is lined with millionaires houses and ultimately drops us back into the Thames for the final short leg to Wargrave.                                           Dependant on how people are getting on, we’ll probably end the trip here but maybe we’ll continue, still downstream along the River Thames and then round the island and paddle back up the Hennerton backwater, some 2kms to the Riverside Pub at Wargrave. The Hennerton is a sleepy narrow backwater lined with millionaires houses and gardens.  So effectively covering three of four different waterways all downstream, flowing with the current, except for the final 2km up the placid & quaint Hennerton stream.

Event Date 17-06-2018 10:30 am
Event End Date 17-06-2018 5:00 pm
Registered 12
Available place 8
Individual Price Prices vary from £5 to £15

Get on near Chertsey, paddle along the Thames and then head off into the “jungle wilderness” a tiny little stream meandering through the Woods, maybe bashing through the Jungle then two hours later we arrive at Chertsey Weir, where a few may wish to exhibit their skills riding the pour-over whilst others maybe watch and admire ?

Event Date 03-06-2018 11:00 am
Event End Date 03-06-2018 4:00 pm
Registered 15
Available place 5
Individual Price Prices range from £5 to £15

We’re returning for another leisurely paddle over a beautiful stretch of the River Loddon, in Berkshire

finishing up with a short distance on the majestic River Thames paddling from Winnersh to Wargrave.

About seven miles but there is usually a constant flow which carries us along nicely and the entire trip will be flowing WITH the current. 

The Loddon is a meandering and twisty river, quite narrow in parts, maybe a few fallen trees to dodge around or under, always fun !,

also a nice sloping sluice weir to shoot, maybe a big wave to crash through and then time to play on the wave afterwards.

Last time we did this trip we saw quite a wide variety of wildlife along the river banks.

A mix of secluded countryside and then in the final couple of miles view the millionaires houses that line the attractive riverbanks.

 As always, we’ll stop for a riverside picnic lunch and then finish off at a Riverside Pub, sit back, in the sun, watching the river life float by

The following write up from the "Pub Paddles Book" describes this particular trip,

including saying …..    "a surprisingly clean, swift flowing stream which makes a fine little adventurous expedition"


Event Date 20-05-2018 10:30 am
Event End Date 20-05-2018 5:00 pm
Registered 7
Available place 13
Individual Price price range from £5 to £15

Take advantage of this opportunity to practise and develop your skills,

to receive some informal coaching, maybe a game of polo, certainly lot’s of fun !

After each session we’ll no doubt be dragged screaming to the local pub

where we can enjoy a sociable chat together with some drinks and nibbles

Please pay for the pool session in advance direct into the club bank account, if you are a fully paid up member of the club you will get a £3 discount

Event Date 18-05-2018 7:45 pm
Event End Date 18-05-2018 9:00 pm
Registered 9
Available place 6
Individual Price £10.00

Bank holiday Monday 7th May ….

For those of you that enjoyed Bank Holiday Sunday at The Boat and Film Festival

or even those of you that want a lovely paddle on  Bank Holiday ,

why not join us for a days paddle on the very Kayak friendly River Medway.


Event Date 07-05-2018 10:00 am
Event End Date 07-05-2018 5:00 pm
Registered 5
Individual Price Free

Two days of Waterborne fun over the Mayday weekend, just the sort of thing that CAP love !

On Sunday KENT CANOES &  IN RANGE ARCHERY will be organising an Open day on the River Medway at Yalding. There will be a fleet of demo boats for people to try, including SUPs (Stand Up Paddle Boards) Canoes and Kayaks as well  as maybe trying your hand at some Archery.  In the early evening there will be a communal BBQ if you want to cook your smoky meal or alternatively we could. Pre-book a table for Dinner at the adjacent and newly opened riverside Pub, The Boathouse. In the evening, starting at 9.30pm  there will be an Open Air Film Festival, chill in the balmy  evening, beer in hand and watch at least a couple of professionally made Kayaking Films which are being toured Worldwide !

The two headliners are :                                                                                                             

Inside the Indus: A white water kayaking film following two of the world’s best kayakers taking on the Indus in Pakistan

Between twin galaxies: Two kayakers and a kite skier cross Greenland to kayak down a river as it forms from two glaciers melting

 Finally a limited amount of "pre-booked" camping space will be available overnight.

 Bookings are essential for The Sunday events, direct with the organisers , these are not organised by or controlled by CAP

Can I suggest that you email Mike with your intentions, what sessions you intend to join in with ? will you camp overnight ?Will you cook on the Barbie unit or prefer an early (pre film) Dinner in the Pub ? please also sign up on the CAP website …In say ten days time I will then circularise everyone who’s registered with me, I’ll let you all know what the other CAP members are planning and then we can all make our final call as to whether or not we attend and also for which events.Don’t overly want people randomly booking  events and then finding no one else is joining them and they’re all on their lonesome !



Event Date 06-05-2018 10:00 am
Registered 2
Individual Price Free

Take advantage of this opportunity to practise and develop your skills,

to receive some informal coaching, maybe a game of polo, certainly lot’s of fun !

After each session we’ll no doubt be dragged screaming to the local pub

where we can enjoy a sociable chat together with some drinks and nibbles

Please pay for the pool session in advance direct into the club bank account, if you are a fully paid up member of the club you will get a £3 discount

Event Date 04-05-2018 7:45 pm
Event End Date 04-05-2018 9:00 pm
Registered 4
Available place 11
Individual Price GBP10.00

Wednesday 25th April at Old Walcountians Rugby Club,                                                     Clockhouse Ground, Carshalton Road, Woodmansterne/Banstead, SM7 3HU

It's always a really sociable evening, hopefully this year will be no exception ...

Apart from a short AGM, we've three short videos, one from recent trips and two from CAP's earlier days, see some of the CAP fun, thrills, spills and paddling action ! 

There will be a full bar service all evening at Club prices                                          Freshly made PAPA JOHN's pizzas, A FUN and VERY SOCIABLE evening with your CAP friends ad paddling buddies !

A nominal charge of £5 per person will be made towards the PAPA JOHN PIZZAS




Event Date 25-04-2018 7:30 pm
Event End Date 25-04-2018 10:30 pm
Registered 4
Available place 46
Individual Price £5.00

We’re going to paddle the River Wey, accessing the river close to Newark Priory, at Ripley, off the A3 near Guildford and then doing a circular trip of about five miles.  Initially we’ll follow the fairly straight line of upstream on the Wey Navigation but then we’ll fork off onto  the old river and come to a site, in the middle of nowhere, that used to be an old deserted printing works but has now been rebuilt as a large luxury apartment complex with the river literally running underneath it !.

We’ll have two options here, hopefully portaging around it, which is what we did last time,  may have to bash our way through the undergrowth and carry the boats a little way,  a CAP jungle exploration J and then, unless things have changed, there’s a nice little pour-over for you to try and play on. We’ll check the portage before everyone does it and if access to the river has been sealed off we can just continue around a smaller loop although then missing some of the Old Woking area)!

After the apartment the current is quite swift and we’ll be swept nicely along a very bendy stretch of beautiful river, passing Old Woking and a pretty riverside Norman Church. We’ll end up back at Newark Priory, so a round trip paddle, no need for any car shuttles.          

As always, of course, we’ll stop in the local Inn for a sociable drink or two before the quick drive back up the A3.



Event Date 22-04-2018 10:45 am
Event End Date 22-04-2018 5:00 pm
Registered 4
Individual Price Free

Take advantage of this opportunity to practise and develop your skills,

to receive some informal coaching, maybe a game of polo, certainly lot’s of fun !

After each session we’ll no doubt be dragged screaming to the local pub

where we can enjoy a sociable chat together with some drinks and nibbles

Please pay for the pool session in advance direct into the club bank account, if you are a fully paid up member of the club you will get a £3 discount

Event Date 20-04-2018 7:45 pm
Event End Date 20-04-2018 9:00 pm
Registered 6
Available place 9
Individual Price £10.00

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