Six set out on the high seas amid crashing waves and razor sharp rocks...

OK, so it wasn't quite like that. Six of us pottered down to Brighton on a rather lovely sunny Sunday in September and were greeted by calm seas and the lovely people of Martlett Kayak Club.

It was nearly five of us as we nearly accidentally left Derek in Godstone. Oops.

After much CAP faff (I suspect that that Martlett faff does not exist, or if it does is a much milder effect) we had sea kayaks that fitted and off we went.

Led by their coach, Chris, ably assisted by MKC members Pete and Glen and fuelled by Chis' secret weapon (a big tub of chocolate raisins) we made our way east along the coast,

negotiating the entrance to Brighton Marina and passing the refined clifftop perch of Roedeen.



Rottingdean beach made a welcome picnic spot before we turned tail and headed back against wind and tide, fuelled by Chis' back up secret weapon - choc-ices! 

As we rounded the harbour wall, the sea state was variously and technically described as choppy, lumpy and bumpy but all made it safely back to base.

Apart from Mike, who survived all the way back to the beach and then fell in. Oh well, somebody had to.


Huge thanks to Chris, Pete, Glen and Martlett Kayak Club for a fabulous day out, not to mention the snacks ;o)