Paddling tale,

It was one of those rare bright crisp January days and conditions where perfect for a nice Sunday paddle and with Ian generously lending me a dry suit I found myself next to the river Wey having got up at a time no sane man should ever be awake on a Sunday (8am).

The first part of the paddle was fairly smooth on with the river slow flowing wide and well looked after with only the odd fisherman and swan to contend with. Admiring the countryside and the various bits of wild life along the way we got to our halfway point where someone many years ago had decided to build a printing works in the middle of the river now turned into flats. Deciding against braving the rapids under the ex-printing works we carried our kayaks a short distance round to the other side and taking the opportunity had some lunch.

One the second part of our trip we enjoyed a slight current all the way back with more twist and turns with a few low trees to contend with. This was also slightly more urban as we passed a large number of waterfront properties all seeming to have their own boat moored up outside them, though in various states of repair from freshly polished to pretty much sunk.

Sadly this second part of the paddle was soon over as well and we arrived back to our starting point and after getting everything packed back up we stopped by the pub for a well-deserved pint.

Written by Dominic Wiley - CAP member

Tuesday 5th Feb 2019