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I have been paddling for over 3 years now, at first I was only going to do flat water. Then I met with this a group of white water paddlers from Croydon (the home of extreme white water?!) Between the pool sessions, flat water and white water trips they have me doing things I never thought I would or could do. Giving me the confidence to run waterfalls, paddle and occasionally swim WW rivers and do my BCU L1 coaching award.

Derek said he wouldn’t paddle in the cold.  That was when he joined CAP in November 2011, long before he signed up to negotiate Welsh white-water through snow covered rocks. 

As Sarah spends too much time on Facebook and now has a waterproof camera she's nicely qualified for this role. Now planning on getting the hang of twitter. Been kayaking for less than a year, fallen in rather too many times due to a talent for forgetting to brace, dodgy edging and capsizing on small drops.

Rob is the CAP member most likely to return from a trip with a load of flowers in the bottom of his boat which he takes home and presses before mounting them. They do make a very delightful Christmas present if you are struggling to buy for a loved one.


Pam is still uncertain that hanging upside down in a kayak whilst trying to sort out which way is up is something a woman, fearful of the water and of mature years, ought to find entertaining... but carries on, believing that she gets ever nearer that holy grail 'the eskimo roll' 


Ivan Scattergood is an enthusiastic (if not always competent) paddler.

Gary has been kayaking for more years than he cares to mention. In fact it is sometimes hard to believe that he didn't come out of the womb wearing a drysuit. He has an amazing ability to look effortless on any grade of river and puts this down to the considerable experience he has built up over the years.

A risk assessor by day, Ali is a cautious soul and that's apparently why she's at home pointing her boat down a river and hoping for the best. She believes that emitting high pitched squeaks every time her boat is off balance will keep it upright; a theory proved completely without merit on several occasions.

Mark is a keen swimmer and finds paddling the perfect way to practice on a regular basis.

Hailing from Selsdon, South London, Mike Ransom is without doubt the man at the front of the Cap-pack. Sponsored by London Pride, Lidl, Palm, Amstrad and Specsaver sunglasses he is a two-time World Champion in the "how many boats can you fit on a roof rack" category of paddling. Along with paddling he enjoys a spot of real ale, and reckons the nastiest thing he has ever seen was watching his sons eating a frog sandwich.

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