Hailing from Selsdon, South London, Mike Ransom is without doubt the man at the front of the Cap-pack. Sponsored by London Pride, Lidl, Palm, Amstrad and Specsaver sunglasses he is a two-time World Champion in the "how many boats can you fit on a roof rack" category of paddling. Along with paddling he enjoys a spot of real ale, and reckons the nastiest thing he has ever seen was watching his sons eating a frog sandwich.

The man at the CAP helm's famous catchphrase “Or Whatever” always keeps the clubs plans flexible.

Likes– Going for a quiet pint at the end of a trip

Dislikes– Having to get his sons out of bed on every paddling trip

Greatest Paddling Moment– Besting the Serpents tail

Ambitions– To finally find someone to take over as club chairman, so he can go sailing