Ivan Scattergood is an enthusiastic (if not always competent) paddler.

Famous for his ability to make the simplest rapid look gnarly for the camera with his unconventional (i.e. upside down) approach to river running. When not paddling Ivan enjoys snowboarding, mountain biking and beer. Whilst out in Nepal, he had to re-educate some of the paddlers out there to the delights of inverted rapid running. They didn't know what they had been missing out on.

Ivan also is the man behind the CAP website keeping things up and running.

Likes – snowboarding, mountain biking and beer

Dislikes – People saying how wonderful Facebook is

Greatest Paddling Moment – Paddling the Tamur

Worst Paddling Moment – Only just surviving Paddling the Tamur

Ambitions – To find a job where he can take Thursday afternoons off paddling

Favourite Saying - Honestly, it is not as hard as I make it look.