Pam is still uncertain that hanging upside down in a kayak whilst trying to sort out which way is up is something a woman, fearful of the water and of mature years, ought to find entertaining... but carries on, believing that she gets ever nearer that holy grail 'the eskimo roll' 


Likes - Pootling around in openboats - she thinks she was an American Indian in a past life.

Dislikes - Responding to the call of nature whilst in damp underwear, wetsuit, dry cag, buoyancy aid etc, etc. 

Ambition - What else but... to roll her kayak...

Top Tip - Pam has a number of top tips including screaming loudly and alarmingly whilst doing 'risky manoeuvres' ie rather tame bracing.

Greatest moment - Falling head first into the River Mole at the Stepping Stones whilst attempting to wash her hands. She claimed  'the river was further away than I thought', .