Rob is the CAP member most likely to return from a trip with a load of flowers in the bottom of his boat which he takes home and presses before mounting them. They do make a very delightful Christmas present if you are struggling to buy for a loved one.


Likes – Campari and Soda with a little dainty umbrella

Dislikes – Any alcoholic drink served in a pint glass and the fact that only girls kayaking kit comes in pink or purple. He finds those colours compliment his eyes after a night out with CAP members.

Greatest Paddling Moment – Completing the Legacy course at the new Olympic venue without getting his hair wet.

Worst Paddling Moment – Paddling the jungle that is the River Loddon, beating back trees, bushes and spiders, limbo-ing under trees at waterlevel, all in an oversized inflatable 2 person kayak.

Ambitions – To fit more boats on his roof rack than our illustrious chairman. Well he has the right vehicle, all he has got to do is buy a roof rack.