Newcomers are very welcome to join us for up to three trips as a non-member. We hope that by then you will have caught the kayaking bug (not literally!) and be ready to join up and paddle as many rivers as you can. But that’s also when our insurance requires you to be a member to stay covered.

Our membership fee is £40 per year for an adult, £80 per year for a couple and £80 per year for a family of up to two adults and two children under 16. This (and the trip fees) helps us store, fix or replace our boats, paddles, spray decks, buoyancy aids and cags, so that we can keep everyone comfortable on the water. It also covers our insurance and affiliation to British Canoeing (our governing body). Members pay lower rates for pool sessions and day trips.

We invite newcomers to try out their first pool session for £5, to see if they like it. After that, they’re £7 for members, £10 for non-members and £5 for children. This goes towards paying for the hire of the pool and the lifeguards who, along with our coaches, help to keep everyone safe and having fun.

Normally our day river trips are £5 for members, £10 for non-members and it’s an extra £5 if you’re hiring a club boat and kit. Occasionally we hire a man-made whitewater course, so people can practice their moves, or there’s an extra licence fee to use a particular river, but we let everyone know these things in advance, so they can choose whether to come along.

Our weekends away generally cost £50-£60 per person plus a share of the petrol costs. We try to fit everyone into as few cars as we can. Not only is it green, but it keeps the costs down. The weekend costs cover our stay in a bunkhouse, breakfasts and normally one evening meal. We usually try out a local pub for the other night.