After January's fun and the cancelled River Mole trip we all woke up to glorious sunshine and a nice paddle from Byfleet to Weybridge. Only 11 paddlers but lots of ducks! We've got the Organiser - Mike, Coach -Jay, usual suspects - Will, Adrian and Sarah, newer suspects - Andy, Vicky, Nick, Lucy, Chris and Simon.

Quite a few trees and some current but we'll all doing fine up until we find the tree of doom....a river wide monster hiding behind a sharp bend preventing all progress downstream? No its a small willow on the side! Eddying up just downstream was followed the sight of Nick, kayak and paddle being escorted by Adrian to a reuniting point and Vickys boat going for a ride by itself before I pushed it into another eddy. Unfortunately on the other side from Vicky, now rescued by Jay and Chris who fished himself out of the same tree. Jay came and fetched the boat and we all carried on to Brooklands Museum for lunch plus a lovely show of Austin and Morris cars there for the day.

There's quite a few signs of the floods down the river with debris all over the place and the odd sunken boat plus one stuck on the bank. Lots of houses down here from tatty through half built to new, modern and very shiny! Not that we were being nosy at all.

Next is the weir, Jays says it's fine to run but there are trees down in the channel below so we all have to portage but we can run the second weir. For some unknown reason Adrian decides now is a good time to try rolling (not the Thames) this actually went quite well (he almost got there) but the rescue saw a slightly popped deck and a boat full of water but a least he didn't swim. Everyone with a suitable boat is game for it and after being lowered down the bank (thanks Adrian) we're ready to go. With everyone down the little drop successfully it was going so well that playing in the wave seemed like a good idea.....Jays says its a bit retentive so Will and Adrian try anyway. Alls going well until Adrian ends up sideways and stuck! Only one way out now, over you go, out you pop and here's a nice bow for you to grab. What a lot of new scratches on your paddle there are now.

Congratulations to everyone who stayed upright especially Simon, you have excellent get and stay in eddy instincts and if you swam now you know why the 'not swimming this timers' were wearing those silly suits....

Just need to sort the video out now and yes it was caught on camera :)