There and back again in the dark

This paddling write-up comes to you through the medium of verse...mainly because I couldn't think of anything to say about it other than it was very pretty and quite dark. Also, I've never seen Gary paddle as fast as when he thought we might not make it back to the pub in time for a beer :o)

Thanks to Adrian for the piccie and, as always, to Mike for organising and Gary and Jay for shepherding,


While sunset spread across the lands
Glow sticks wrapped round arms and boats
Twelve set out in groups of four
Soon all that showed were coloured bands
Up the Medway against the flow
Reflections all in silver strands
Through rising mists that hugged the banks
Enveloped in a moonlit glow
On to canoe shoot and to weir
Down the frothing torch-lit slide 
Then back at speed, with flow behind
To reach the pub for food and beer